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Updates for ACMA members and the content community at large

Improving Content Marketing with Newsroom Best Practices

It wasn’t so long ago that ‘brand newsrooms’ – in-house publishing operations that companies staffed with armies of keen journalists, editors and producers to crank content out around the clock – were all the rage. And indeed some of the model’s early adopters, from...

Content Strategy in 5 Steps

Earlier this year New Narrative gave a perhaps ambitiously titled talk at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about B2B Content Marketing”. After we’d finished, a former journalist colleague approached us, perhaps...

Why Data Storytelling Is The Secret To Content Marketing Success

There’s a book on company valuations that I recently finished called Narrative and Numbers: The Value of Stories in Business by Aswath Damodaran an academic at the Stern School of Business at New York University. As a storyteller for businesses, I thought this would...

How to write authentic stories

By Simon Kearney, ACMA Treasurer and Click2View CEO A colleague went to an event about authentic storytelling the other day. It got me wondering; what makes an authentic story? For a journalist, it’s pretty straightforward. Good journalism is truthful and honest and...

How NTUC Income Personalized Retargeting with Search Data

In a market where advertising messages are dominated by price-based incentives, NTUC Income wanted to stand out. They approached BBH with a brief regarding their travel insurance services and requested a clutter breaking approach, message, and tactic to get the job...

How Brands can build their own audiences just like media companies

For decades, media enjoyed a kind of covenant with consumers: media companies provide entertainment for free and in return, consumers paid a road tax in the form of interruption. Whether it was a full-page ad in between news stories, a radio spot in between songs, or...

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