How NTUC Income Personalized Retargeting with Search Data

In a market where advertising messages are dominated by price-based incentives, NTUC Income wanted to stand out. They approached BBH with a brief regarding their travel insurance services and requested a clutter breaking approach, message, and tactic to get the job done. Around the strategy ideation phase, a Google partner introduced BBH to the YouTube Director Mix, a tool in its alpha stage with large advertisers that deal directly with Google. The tool allows users to create custom ads at scale, tailored to custom audiences.

To target four million Singapore-based prospects, BBH looked at the data points across search, content, and YouTube to determine the locations and activities netizens were leaning towards. The agency then took the idea back to NTUC Income and requested data pertaining to hundreds of travel locations, specifically asking for the meta-data relating to travel insurance claims. Once executed, the campaign would retarget a video GIF ad at a user based on search inputs, content consumption, or YouTube video consumption – any avenue that can be tracked in the Google ecosystem – with IFTTT parameters in place. The results are illuminated in this 8-bit video below.

While competing on price in a tactic-first world does convert, it risks commodification in the long run, hurting a brand’s ability to resonate with its target buyer in a meaningful manner or develop loyalty. With content-driven campaigns such as this one by NTUC Income and its positive impact, marketers can choose to focus messaging around the contextual user benefit from taking on a service, rather than appealing to penny pinchers.

According to Matthew Chew, the CMO of NTUC Income, unaided brand recall and sales conversions doubled, with online points of sale seeing higher engagement metrics and an overall lift in search volume by 38% year over year. According to BBH, the top creative that resonated with and converted identified male audiences involved a delayed flight in an urban city, while the top creative that resonated with and converted identified female audience involved an embarrassing food poisoning situation in an outdoor field during a business trip.