We’re excited to announce some exciting changes happening at Isentia, all designed to benefit your business.

We’ve acquired leading talent and businesses from around the world to form a unique service model that enables us to break new ground in data intelligence. We connect critical data capture and analysis with deep investigation and valuable insights to help shape your big-picture thinking, inform astute business decisions and enrich your client conversations.

To signify this exciting new chapter in our business, we’re launching a new brand to take us into the future, along with a new visual identity. To support this, we’ve redefined our core values and aligned our people under a new group vision.

The new Isentia will heighten your business engagement strategy, so your business can more accurately predict outcomes and proactively plan for the future. We’ll continue to seek answers to the questions you haven’t yet asked and reveal unique opportunities, because we want your business to continue to learn, grow and succeed.

Powered by industry-leading technology and inspired by our team of world-class experts, our mission is to help your business leap forward, into places only genuine insight can take you.