Email leads as a distribution channel: Study

A study by Ascend2 found that email newsletters are an effective channel for content distribution and driving readership. Surveying over 200 marketers, the study found that daily struggles with the channel include improving the quality of leads, growing subscribers, building engagement time, improving brand preference, and increasing the conversation rates.

It’s worth noting that an entire ecosystem of owned, earned, and paid channels impact the generation of MQL’s and SQL’s, so concluding that email as a tactic is the culprit is unjustified. Often times, the issue is weak segmentation, which occurs at the top of the funnel.

82% of the study respondents rated email as an effective channel, followed by social media at 54%, and SEO at 51%. Respondent that A/B tested email newsletter formats and content ranked the webinars & events, eBooks, newsletters, and case studies as the most interactive sources of traffic and engagement.

In another study, the Content Marketing Institute found that email newsletters and subsequent campaigns were considered to be leading lead nurturing tools by B2B marketers. The respondents named the channel as an avenue to nurture leads, push educational content, and invite to in-person events. Offline, marketers derived insights from sales teams to determine customer segments in order to plan content strategies. Marketers that are also charged with sales said they relied on the web traffic analysis to derive these conclusions, while others named keyword research as an indicator to prospect interests.