The Asia Content Marketing Association is a trade association of marketing, creative, publishing and media professionals committed to elevating the art and science of content in Asia. ACMA is governed by our members who represent all parts of the ecosystem: brands, service providers, agencies, platforms and technology providers. It is a non-profit association registered in Singapore in 2017.


Content marketing is going to grow enormously over the next decade and ACMA is going to build the industry and grow the pie for the benefit of all. This is not about individual companies. This is about the future of content marketing, educating and training. As a collective, ACMA members collaborate on the direction and future of content marketing in Asia. The upside is huge for everyone in the ecosystem.

ACMA delivers on these goals through programs that educate, inspire and connect professionals and businesses across the content marketing ecosystem.

These programs are driven by ACMA members who lead and participate in committees on a volunteer basis.

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