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Visa: Reinventing the Press Release

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  • 11 June 2015
  • Author: Click2View
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Visa’s Digital Content Director for Asia Pacific, Kris LeBoutillier approached us a couple of years ago to create a newsroom for the region so they could speak directly to their audience of journalists, merchants, banks and regulators. 

We worked closely with Visa to create the site and filled it with specialized video and motion graphic content. Stories as far afield as a documentary newsreel with a Visa merchant on the remote Inle Lake in Myanmar, to National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita shooting street long boarders in Jakarta as part of a feature on how card payments helped a skate board shop to expand.

The content has gone beyond the expected to seek out truly fascinating stories that reflect the mind-boggling reach of the world’s largest payments company. 

The Visa AP News Room is now building a large audience based on the original and compelling stories we are telling with Visa. In 2015 the number of monthly viewers using the site reached 17,000.

The relationship works well thanks to the way Visa collects stories. They understand that news happens, it can’t necessarily be planned. When we go looking for merchant stories we don’t know what we’ll find until we get there. There, might be on a street in Bangkok with protests swirling around you, or in an office building in uptown Manila. Often we have to ask people on the ground if they’ll participate in a story on the day we’re filming. Journalists and editors understand this way of working and Kris LeBoutillier is a highly experienced journalist and photographer. 

“Click2View has helped Visa to tell the stories that matter, across the Asia Pacific region,”  LeBoutillier told us recently. “Working together, we’ve found merchant, bank and government stories that tell the Visa story. The agency has been a real partner in helping us craft and distribute content that has impact with our various audiences across the region.”

We love you too Kris. And we love the work we’ve been doing for Visa in the region.


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