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Amadeus IT Solutions: Engaging the Heart of the Business

Enhancing research white papers with animated video infographics.

  • 11 June 2015
  • Author: Click2View
  • Number of views: 2144

Amadeus is the world’s leading supplier of IT solutions to the travel and tourism industry, and our client.  Each year they produce a thought-leading white paper about the travel industry.  Last year it was Shaping The Future of Travel in Asia Pacific and this year it was Future Traveller Tribes 2030.  They promote the white papers through their EDMs, social channels, press and customer events and are very successful.

However, as an innovative and ambitious organisation they are always looking for ways to improve and in 2014 approached Click2View to see if video could play a part in increasing awareness and engagement with the white paper.  Our response was an emphatic ‘yes' and our solution was to turn the executive summary into an animated infographic that functioned like a movie trailer, hinting at what the white paper was about without giving away too many spoilers as you can see.

The video provides a different entry point to the white paper and has been instrumental in driving viewers to register to download the full report.  Amadeus also used the video to kick off its press and customer events and as a sales tool so in terms of ROI it was hit, but this year they wanted to go bigger.

Amadeus's new Future Traveller Tribes 2030 white paper identifies six emerging traveller types that will be taking to the skies in the next 15 years.  This represents a huge opportunity for their airline and travel agency clients but who are the people behind the demographics?  What do they really look and sound like?  What do they really think?  What’s the story behind the stats?  We suggested that we go and find out and that’s how the Travel Lounge was born.

Set in two countries so far, with more to come, the Travel Lounge introduces Amadeus’s clients to their future customers in a series of candid interviews.  The videos aren’t about Amadeus per se but about Amadeus providing useful and insightful content that empowers their clients to plan for the future.

But the videos aren’t just useful and insightful, they’re entertaining too.  We took a sofa, subtly branded with Amadeus coloured throw pillows, on the road and set it down in unlikely locations for the interviews.  We asked the travellers to contribute their own pictures and videos to add authenticity to their stories.

And we added a graphic treatment that give the videos a 'travel show' look and feel.  Why?  Because in business every buyer is also a human being and it’s as important to engage their hearts as their heads.  By telling real stories in an authentic and entertaining way we can elicit emotions, which are the true foundation of engagement.  See for yourself below.

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