Terms of Membership for the Asia Content Marketing Association

ACMA membership will be open to all companies with an interest in content marketing. Members will fall into one of the following categories:

General Membership

GENERAL MEMBERS will be companies that:

  • Sign the ACMA Charter 2015
  • Own and manage businesses that provide services to the content marketing industry, including but not exclusively:
  • content marketing companies - end-to-end content marketing services providers
  • production companies - suppliers of production or creative services for content marketing
  • online publishers - mainstream media, bloggers, special interest publishers
  • online platforms - for example video or content aggregation sites
  • interactive broadcasters - radio or television (IPTV), streaming media providers
  • advertising agencies delivering content marketing services
  • public relations agencies delivering content marketing services
  • industry service providers - such as ad-serving providers, web-hosting companies, ISP's, consultants
  • web-development companies and associated technology solution providers

(Note that only general members of ACMA will be eligible for appointment to the permanent Leadership Board or executive positions).

Founding Board Members

FOUNDING BOARD MEMBERS are companies that:

  • Sign the ACMA Charter 2015
  • Contribute a minimum of 10 hours of company resources per month
  • Fulfil the requirements of General Membership
  • Took in active role in the formation and creation of ACMA between January 1st 2014 and April 30th 2015

BRAND ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS will be those companies, advertisers or brands that invest in content marketing for the purposes of customer communication and business growth

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS will be individuals that are involved in the content marketing industry but are unable to contribute significant resources to the provision of ACMA services

AFFILIATE ASSOCIATIONS may be other industry organisations sharing common goals with the ACMA in order to establish a close working relationship. Affiliate membership will provide those organisations with reciprocal membership of the ACMA.

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