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Frequently Asked Questions about the Asia Content Marketing Association

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation, distribution and amplification of relevant content that serves to attract, acquire and engage consumers. It should serve to drive awareness, trust and eventually, conversion.

Why do we need a Content Marketing association?

Content marketing is fast evolving in the region, and there is a lot of misunderstanding of what it actually entails – or even means.

By bringing together some of the region’s leading content planners, strategists and creators, we aim to provide solutions for marketers as they contemplate their brand’s investments today and into the future. These solutions cross five specific pillars for content marketing – ideation, creation, distribution, amplification and optimisation.

In which countries does ACMA currently operate?

All of the initial contributing companies operate regionally, providing studious and offices across Asia. This means that ACMA initiatives cover all of the Asia region. The leadership team currently meets on a monthly basis in Singapore.

What's in it for me?

In short everything you can put in to it, and everything you can draw out.

Engagement - as an association the chief goal is to deliver those services that we can contribute to as a team. ACMA is a networking association that exists to put like minded people together. Whether you are seeking inspiration or information, suppliers or investors, we hope you will see ACMA as a medium to forge those relationships.

Inspiration - many of our members already have strong credentials in educating and training practitioners in content marketing. Together we intend to create events, seminars and tutorials where we can share and build on that foundation of knowledge.

Information - we have already embarked on our first industry research exercise on behalf of ACMA and our members. We hope it will be the first of many to come. If you have existing robust and valuable research that you'd like to contribute to the association then let us help you distribute it.

What are the member benefits?

As a member you get several key benefits:

  • The opportunity to contribute articles, research, educational videos and press releases to the ACMA website
  • An opportunity to suggest events and education that you would like to see take place
  • Preferred invitations to ACMA events and education
  • Discounted access to third party events supported by ACMA
  • Inclusion in ACMA industry initiatives
  • Inclusion in the ACMA newsletter
  • An opportunity to be elected to a leadership role in 2016

And many more opportunities that may arise as the year progresses

What are the membership fees?

Membership of ACMA is free - member contributions are made through their commitment to organisational goals and their support and engagement with fellow ACMA members.

Can I be an indivdual member?

Being an individual member of the ACMA requires no more than you register upon this site with your business contact details.

Members reap many rewards from membership, not least being able to subscribe to the ACMA newsletter, receive regular special offers extended to ACMA subscribers, access to members only content and get first refusal of ACMA events and workshops - along with a host of other opportunities as and when they appear.

Can I be a corporate member?

Corporate membership of the ACMA is open to all companies that contribute to the content marketing supply chain.

This includes content marketers, communications strategists, content creators, publishers, audience acquisition platforms and related businesses.

You must be a legally registered company in your country of origin, and you must be able to provide evidence of your work in the content marketing sphere.

Final appointment to ACMA membership is taken at a board level, and we reserve the right to decline membership without providing reasons for doing so. It may be to your advantage to seek a board member to recommend your membership in order to achieve a smooth passage of your application at the appropriate time.

Can I be an honorary member?

ACMA elects to grant honorary membership in exceptional circumstances to people who have made an outstanding contribution to content marketing in Asia over a sustained period of time.

This tier of membership is by appointment only, and it is not possible to apply for this status through the normal application process.

How are board members elected?

The current board was elected from a group of like minded organisations that pulled together in early 2015 to establish the ACMA.

The next scheduled election of board members will take place in mid 2016, with the exact format and terms of that election established nearer the time.

Is the ACMA profit making, does it provide fee paying services?

The ACMA operates no financial infrastructure, accepts no payments for services nor generates a profit.

Any fees exchanged between ACMA members and services accessed around ACMA activities are entirely a matter for the ACMA member and the service supplier. The ACMA accepts no legal liability, responsibility or oversight for any transactions made.

Who are the ACMA full time staff?

We don't have any.

All work on behalf of ACMA is done by volunteers, so everyone is holding down a full time job. Treat us gently if we don't  get back to you as quickly as you may like.!

Can I sell my services through the ACMA?

The ACMA does not undertake to sell any services on behalf of members or third party suppliers.

In some situations the ACMA may endorse events or services that it believes will support the overall goals of the organsiation. No fees are associated with this service.

Will the ACMA endorse my event or service?

ACMA endorsement is made entirely at the discretion of the board, and will be limited to those events and services which advance the objectives of the organisation to the benefit of its members.

Submissions for endorsement can be made through the 'contact us' form elsewhere in the website.

Whilst the ACMA will usually make best endeavours to explain to relevant parties the thinking of the board  on any particular decision, we reserve the right to decline an invitation without providing a specific reason.

How can I reach out to ACMA members?

The ACMA can reach out to members in a number of ways, not least the website, our member mailing list, and various third party publishing platforms such as LinkedIn.

If you feel it is appropriate for the ACMA to reach out on your behalf, then submissions can be made through the 'contact us' form elsewhere in the website. The ACMA reserves the right to decline such invitations without a reason being given.

Can I contribute content to the ACMA website?

Contributions to the ACMA website are predominantly made by ACMA members.

If you feel you have an exceptional contribution to make and you are not an ACMA member then you can reach out to the ACMA team through the 'contact us' form elsewhere in the website and a member of the publishing team will respond to you to discuss further.

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